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A Path Forward for Solvent Cleaning

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Join us May 23rd at 10 AM Central US Time.

Cost savings and sustainability? Solvent cleaning in airless degreaser could be your answer.

Due to the growing regulatory pressure on traditional solvents, many manufacturers are converting to aqueous cleaning because of its presumably “greener” profile than solvents. But is water-based cleaning truly more sustainable?

The truth is that every cleaning method has its own environmental impact. They just manifest in different ways. Importantly, the technology and processes within which a cleaning medium is deployed are just as crucial.

There are solvent alternatives – in particular modified alcohols – whereby their usage in airless degreasers sets the benchmark for safety and sustainability. The machine’s built-in distillation unit for recovering used solvents, coupled with chemical maintenance measures, can significantly reduce both solvent consumption and waste compared to solvent machines in the past, thereby lowering overall cleaning costs. There is also no additional energy requirement for drying metal parts nor water consumption in the process.

In this webinar, you’ll learn why solvent cleaning in airless degreaser can be an excellent alternative to water-based cleaning, and how it can help you
• achieve consistent and reliable cleaning results
• cut costs and increase operational efficiency
• raise sustainability performance and worker safety standard
We will also highlight customer use cases to illustrate the benefits and results they gain.

The PQCW Team thanks SAFECHEM for sponsoring this webinar.

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