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Full-time Staff

Haley Rothrock

Haley Rothrock, MBA, CPFC®

Assistant Director

Lupita Hernandez

Lupita Hernandez, M. Ed., CPFC®

Program Coordinator

Ace Thomas

Ace Thomas, BBA, CPFC®

Program Coordinator

Peer Coaches

Makayla Mason

Makayla Mason, CPFC®, CRLA

Brandon Milton

Brandon Milton, CPFC®, CRLA

Kaitlynn Miller

Kaitlynn Miller, CPFC®, CRLA

Student Loan Mentors

Michelle Amaro

Michelle Amaro, CPFC®, CRLA

Gianna Guzman

Gianna Guzman, CRLA

Kendall Swonke

Kendall Swonke, CFL™, CRLA

Gustavo Salazar

Gustavo Salazar, CPFC®

Student Administrative Staff

Melanie Rowland

Melanie Rowland

Student Assistant

Summer Lozano

Summer Lozano, CRLA

Student Assistant

Damaria Abernathy

Damaria Abernathy

Student Assistant

Spencer MacLennan

Spencer MacLennan, CRLA

Student Assistant

Kristin Tevlin

Kristin Tevlin

Graphic Designer

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