Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there costs associated with visiting the SMMC?

All of the costs of the SMMC are covered in your payment of your tuition and fees. There is no additional cost for our programs and services.

What services are offered?

The services offered by the SMMC include workshops, presentations, and personal coaching.

Details of our services can be found on the Services page.

Is personal coaching confidential?

The SMMC is dedicated to upholding the students’ right to confidentiality.

The issue of confidentiality is especially important with coaching where personal financial information is discussed. It is important that a student feel comfortable sharing information about their finances in these sessions, and confidentiality aids in this process. Therefore, information provided to the SMMC staff will not be shared with anyone outside of University staff unless expressed permission is granted by the student.

Can my friend or significant other attend my appointment with me?

You are welcome to bring anyone to your appointment whom you feel should be present.

Is there a limit to the number of appointments I can have?

There is no limit to the number of appointments a student can have at the SMMC. You may meet with us as often as is necessary for you to address your financial needs.

Be aware, however, that missed appointments may affect your ability to make other appointments on Campus Connect.

Will the SMMC help me throughout my college career?

The SMMC is committed to partnering with students from the moment they begin their college experience to graduation and beyond. The SMMC has many different programs tailored to the varying experiences and needs of students throughout their college careers. The needs of both traditional and non-traditional students are important, and the SMMC adapts its services to the students we serve.

When is the SMMC available to help me?

The Center is open between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday at the main campus, in the Estill Building, Suite 228, with the exception of university holidays.

Arrangements can be made for students who attend classes at The Woodlands Center.

All students are encouraged to make an appointment through CampusConnect.

How is the SMMC valuable to SHSU students?

Financial issues are a major form of stress among college students. Studies show that the majority of college students are worried about their finances. Research has also shown that the number one cause of college dropout is financial issues.

Student debt is also on the rise, which has been problematic for individuals and for our nation. Excessive student loan debt can cause significant financial burdens for graduates and has the potential to interfere with their day-to-day decisions.

With these facts in mind, the Division of Enrollment Success administers the Student Money Management Center to address the financial problems that face our students here at Sam Houston State University. The SMMC's services are designed to give students superior financial education that will allow them to understand their fee statements, assess their financial aid package and refund, reduce their student debt, navigate the process of student loan repayment, and be able to stay in school.

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