Personal Consultations


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How to Schedule a Personal Consultation:

Using Campus Connect to schedule your appointment

Alternative Ways to schedule an Appointment include:

  • Calling the SMMC at 936-294-2600
  • Emailing us at
  • Scheduling in person at the SMMC's office in the Student Services Annex, at 919 Bearkat Blvd.

  • Personal Consultations are private, confidential sessions in which a student can discuss financial questions and concerns to receive tailored financial education, and collaborate on a unique action plan. We can discuss a wide variety of financial topics with you, depending on what your needs and interests are. The goals of our consultations include: helping students understand their fee statement, assess their financial aid package and refund, reduce their student debt, navigate the process of student loan repayment smoothly, and helping students to be able to stay in school.


    We do not provide tax assistance, investment advice, or referrals to specific financial institutions.

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