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What is a Coaching Session?

Coaching sessions are private, confidential sessions in which a student can discuss financial questions and concerns to receive tailored financial education, and collaborate on a unique action plan. We can discuss a wide variety of financial topics with you, depending on what your needs and interests are. The goals of our coaching sessions include: helping students understand their fee statement, assess their financial aid package and refund, reduce their student debt, navigate the process of student loan repayment smoothly, and help students to stay in school.

We do not provide tax assistance, investment advice, or referrals to specific financial institutions.

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How to Schedule a Personal Coaching Session

1Find the link to "Campus Connect" on your MySam Account

Go to MySam and click your Student tab. Find the link for Campus Connect or Click Here.

Campus Connection MySam Instructions

2Sign in using your SHSU login information

for MySuccessPlanner instructions

3Click "Need to make an appointment? Start here!" Button

Schedule appointment_0 MSP

4Select "Financial Advising" and "Student Money Management Center"

Schedule appointment 4 MSP

5Select the type of coaching you need

Schedule appointment 5 MSP

6Select location (ON CAMPUS or ZOOM) and staff (if you have a preference)

If you don't have a preference, just click Next Schedule appointment 6 MSP

7Select your date and time

Schedule appointment 7 MSP

8Review and Confirm your appointment

You're done! Congrats!

Alternative Ways to Schedule

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