Intellectual Property

Technology and Commercialization

The Technology and Commercialization unit aims to commercialize research. We assist investigators that have discoveries/inventions from university based research with the patenting and licensing of their novel technologies or processes. Our goal is to protect your ideas, facilitate the commercialization of our products, and encourage the evolation of research discoveries into businesses and products.

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  • Promote and manage Sam Houston State University's intellectual property (IP) portfolio
  • Provide support for and review of all IP disclosures
  • Protect and commercialize university IP
  • Negotiate and review all research-related contractual agreements; including nondisclosures, sponsored research agreements, University industry partnerships and service or testing agreements

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All submissions are reviewed by the Patent Committee.

Recent Patents

Front Leaning Rest Platform Patent

Front Leaning Rest Platform

Cyanide Antidote Compositions and Methods of Use

Cyanide Antidote Compositions and Methods of Use

Individual Nystagmus Simulated Training Experience Patent

Individual Nystagmus Simulated Training Experience

Copyright and Fair Use

Copyright was designed to provide for the protection of an author's work for a fixed amount of time. Current copyright law provides protection for the life of the author, plus 70 years for an individual. Corporate entities receive over 100 years of protection.

Fair use is a statutory exception to the copyright holder's bundle of exclusive rights. It allows for the unlicensed (that is, without permission or payment of royalty) use of a copyrighted work where the balance of several factors weighs in favor of such use.

Guidance on the copyright and fair use options can be found in the TSUS Copyright Research Guide.