Submissions & Awards

The Submissions and Awards unit is responsible for managing the sponsored research proposal submissions and award process.

Our Team

Kathy Allen

Kathy Allen
Administrator – Submissions, Budget, and Contracts

Nicole Babilya

Nicole Babilya
Coordinator – Submissions, Budget, and Contracts

Sydney Hereford

Sydney Hereford
Specialist - Internal Data Collection & Analytics


  • Review sponsor requirements and develop submission checklists
  • Assist with budget and budget justification development
  • Coordinate proposal documents and necessary signatures for submission
  • Facilitate internal proposal and award routing process
  • Monitor conflicts of interests and compliance
  • Submit grant proposals on behalf of faculty/university
  • Review award documents and negotiate necessary changes
  • Once agreement is executed, transmit awards to Office of Reserarch Administration (ORA) for account setup


Reach out to our Research and Proposal Development team at anytime to assist you with any research development needs.