Research Partners

Flexible IP Options

SHSU offers a number of contracting mechanisms that enable industry partners to work with researchers at all stages of research and development. These options also streamline the sponsored research contracting process by providing straightforward intellectual property terms for companies engaging in collaborative research and development.

  • Option 1: Traditional IP approach

    • Company automatically receives a non-exclusive right to use SHSU’s resulting IP for its internal research purposes.
    • Company automatically receives an exclusive option to negotiate an exclusive, worldwide, royalty-bearing commercial license to resulting IP. In the event of licensing to company, SHSU retains a right to use resulting IP for its internal, noncommercial research and education purposes, and to license SHSU-owned IP to other academic or nonprofit institutions for further noncommercial research.
    • No upfront fees or preset royalties. Management of patent prosecution and responsibility for patent prosecution costs is negotiable.
    • SHSU can publish or present research findings after a reasonable period for company review for inadvertent disclosure of company confidential information or to seek patent protection.

  • Option 2: Work for hire approach

    • Company owns the resulting project IP exclusive of any SHSU background IP. SHSU background IP may not be used in research.
    • Company fully manages all IP protection and directly pays for all patent prosecution costs. SHSU provides reasonable cooperation on patent claims; additional charges may be incurred if effort exceeds reasonable level.
    • Company pays an upfront, one-time fee for rights to the IP. Fee amount is determined in consultation with SHSU Office of Research and Sponsored Programs during statement of work discussions.
    • PI/SHSU cannot use the developed project IP either in future research, public disclosure and publication or in the classroom (except with approval from sponsor).
    • SHSU can publish or present research findings after company review for confidential information or patent protection.

  • Option 3: Testing and analysis approach

    • SHSU utilizes established testing and analysis methodologies; no SHSU foreground IP is anticipated. If there is resulting SHSU foreground IP, then Option 1 applies.
    • Sponsor owns data delivered to sponsor that arises from the testing and analysis work performed on sponsor's materials. Data delivered to sponsor is confidential to sponsor; other data and results may be publishable.
    • SHSU can publish or present non-deliverable data or SHSU background IP after company review for confidential information or patent protection.

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