Zoom Webinars: Schedule Webinar

Once you have been assigned a Zoom webinar account by the IT@Sam Service Desk, you can schedule your webinar in the Zoom web client.

To get started, visit shsu.zoom.us and select Log In

Zoom Login

Once logged in, 

  1. Select Webinars from the option on the left side of the screen.
  2. Select Schedule a Webinar.

Select Schedule a Webinar

In the Schedule a Webinar section, enter the requested information:

  • Topic
  • Description (optional)
  • When (date and date)
  • Duration
  • Time Zone
  • Recurring webinar
  • Registration required (not required for webinars, but optional)
  • Webinar passcode (not required for webinars, but optional)
  • Video (off or on by default for Host and Panelists)
  • Audio (recommended to select Both)
  • Webinar Options
    • Q&A (will the participants be able to ask questions during the webinar)
    • Enable Practice Session (not required by recommended, especially if you have never hosted a webinar)
    • Require authentication to join (is a Zoom account required to join the webinar)
    • Automatically record webinar in the cloud
    • Approve or block entry to users from specific regions/countries
  • Alternative Hosts (also known as co-hosts)

Then select Schedule.


Webinar Details Page 2

Once the webinar is scheduled, a confirmation page will display with the webinar details.

Webinar Scheduled Page 1

Webinar Scheduled Page 2