Zoom Webinars: Co-Host

A co-host has almost all the functionality of a host, except, the co-host cannot start the webinar. The host cannot make anyone a co-host until the webinar starts. If an alternative host was added prior to the start of the webinar, they will become a co-host once they log into the webinar.

  • Promote to Co-Host

    Once the webinar has started, a panelist can be made a co-host. To make a panelist a co-host, in the Participants list, ensure you are viewing the Panelist and hover over the name of the person and select More.

    Panelist Select More Options

    Select Make Co-Host.

    Promote to CoHost

    A confirmation will display. Select Yes.

    Promote to CoHost Confirmation

  • Host Option for Co-Host

    The webinar host has a variety of options for the co-host. To view and select the options, from the Participants list, ensure you are viewing the Panelists (hosts and co-hosts are listed in the panelist area), hover over the co-host and select More. The options will be displayed.

    Cohost Listed

    Cohost Options for Host