Division Liaisons

Meet Your Division Liaison(s)

Each campus division is assigned the below designated liaison(s) who are responsible for working with each IT business analyst team to process your requests and work with you to prioritize any new IT service requests and projects.

Division Liaisons Responsibilities:

  • Creating a process that makes sense for their division to accomplish these responsibilities
  • Meeting regularly with their division to gather needs and priorities
  • Collecting and consolidating technology needs and project requests from across the division
  • Evaluating needs and project requests to ensure they meet the campus strategic plan and division-level strategy
  • Working within the division leadership team to prioritize the requests based on greatest need and impact to campus
  • Meeting with the division's IT business analyst team regularly to determine divisional priorities and opportunities for enhancements
  • Serving as the initial point of contact for any questions relating to submitted divisional projects
Academic Affairs Daniel Walker (SHSU Online), Dr. Courtney West (COM)
and Fawzi Noman (Academic and Research Tech)
Athletics Travis Lies
Data & Decision Support Kristina Beltran
Enrollment Success Megan St. Vigne
Finance & Operations Emmett Rumfield
Information Technology Dr. Heather Thielemann
Integrated Marketing Mauri Smith
President's Office Dr. McCartney Johnson
Student Affairs Scooter Osborne
University Advancement Patty Lewis