IT Roadmap

IT Roadmap

This overview of the IT roadmap displays the sequencing of approved projects. As your initiative is raised, your division's IT business analyst team will work with your division liaisons to prioritize and place the initiative on the roadmap. 

We have expanded the Lifecycle project, Construction Project, and Conference Room/Classroom Projects into their own timelines to provide a better idea of what those projects encompass.

Navigation Options 

  • Click on the item to view the item description
  • Click the +/- symbols on the timeline or press CTRL (control for Mac) and scroll up/down on your mouse to zoom in/out
  • Click the timeline and drag left and right to adjust timeframe view
  • Hover the timeline and scroll up/down to view all items in that timeframe (Note: If the timeline does not scroll, all items are in view)


Roadmap Legend