Technology Acquisitions

SHSU technology acquisitions, whether purchased or free, are required to be reviewed by IT@Sam for operational support, accessibility, and information security requirements. All technology purchases require a completed Technology Acquisition Approval Form (TAAF) unless the technology is on the SHSU Pre-Approved Technology list.

Use the IT@Sam Technology Acquisitions Tutorial for detailed guidance through the Technology Acquisition Process.

Below is an overview of the four-phase SHSU technology acquisitions process, including Research, Approval, Procurement, and Deployment.

  • Research

    IT@Sam offers and supports many technology options for all Sam Houston students, faculty, and staff. Prior to submitting your technology request, use the below resources to guide you through the Technology Acquisition Process (TAP).

    Pre-Approved Technology

    The pre-approved technology list includes items that are reviewed and approved for departmental purchases. If the item you need is on this list, IT@Sam does not need to be involved in your technology purchase and you may move forward with your technology request following the university procurement policies and procedures.

    Pre-Approved List

    Product and Service Catalogs

    Check the IT Product and Service Catalogs to view the list of software and devices that are available to use on campus. Items in these catalogs are not pre-approved and must go through the Technology Acquisition Process.

    Product Catalog

    Service Catalog

    Software Research Guide

    IT@Sam reviews all software purchases to ensure software adheres to regulations, will work with existing technology, and coordinate support. Use this guide as a worksheet to collect the required information needed to complete and submit the Technology Acquisition Request form.

    Software Research Guide


    IT Business Analysts are with you from the start of an idea through implementation. If you are not sure where to start, email the IT@Sam Service Desk to request a consultation with your Division’s IT Business Analysts for guidance.

    Email IT@Sam Service Desk

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  • Approval

    Purchasing laws, regulations, and policies change frequently due to societal changes, increasing risks for loss of information, and ensuring data privacy. IT@Sam reviews all technology requests to ensure the product or service complies with state accessibility and information security requirements.

    Request Approval

    If your request is not on the pre-approved list, you must complete the Technology Acquisition Request Form prior to submitting your requisition. This includes all new requests and renewals for technology services, software, and products.

    Complete Approval Form

    Pre-Approved Technology

    We already reviewed the items on the pre-approved list for compliance, you can skip to Procurement or Deployment if purchasing is not required!

    More about Approvals
  • Procurement

    Once you receive the TAAF for your request, you may proceed with your technology acquisition following the university procurement policies and procedures.


    When you complete the requisition for your purchase, you must attach the TAAF to your BearkatBuy submission. P-Card purchases are not recommended for technology but will be considered in extenuating circumstances.

    Create Purchase Order

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  • Deployment

    After Procurement approves your technology purchase, IT@Sam will work with you to complete the final phase of your technology request.

    Complete Request

    Email or call the IT@Sam Service Desk to notify us that you are ready to begin downloading software, installing hardware, or integrate services.


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