Alignment Progress

SHSU Priority 2, Goal 2: Align IT processes and resources for the next 8-10 months to include staffing, facilities, technology, and other assets.

FOCUS: Cultivate relationships by improving services and developing processes that reduce barriers and allow us to act with greater agility in support of student success.

IT Alignment Goals:

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Improve support and user experience
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Increase efficiency through automation and more
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Increase Transparency of IT Operations
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Simplify Technology Acquisitions
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Establish Campus focus groups and alignment


  • Goal 1: Enhance User Support and User Experience:
    • Redesign IT Ticketing System
      • Katalyst – A complete update to Cherwell, that creates an improved portal that is easy to access and use as needed. - Completed
    • Expand Technology Training
      • Newly created training opportunities include:
      • Redefine Business Analyst Roles
        • Business Analysts now work with division representatives for a partnered approach to innovation and progress on the SHSU strategic plan.  - Completed
      • Creation of User Experience Team
        • This team is focused on creating low-code/no-code designs, including web services, product and service catalogs, the TAP site, and more. Additionally, this team is actively working to improve and provide effective technology training. - Completed
  • Goal 2: Increase Efficiency:
    • Automate and Streamline Processes
      • Automated portions of technology acquisitions with the integration of Microsoft Forms and Cherwell. This portion of the Technology Acquisition Process creates a Cherwell ticket once the Technology Acquisition Form is completed.
      • The remainder of this priority is in development.
    • Implement Data Governance
      • Data Analytics and Decision Support (DADS) – This team uses a comprehensive approach to providing the campus community with data needed to make informed decisions.
    • Grant User Control of Device
      • Cisco ISE implementation - New security policy management platform that will boost wired and wireless authentication to enhance network-wide security to support the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, ISE comes with a new look and feel for network authentication, including a new portal to register and manage devices on the wired network.
  • Goal 3: Increase Transparency:
    • Deliver Multi-Platform Communications
      • Just-in-time messaging for outages and planned maintenance  - Completed
      • Monthly Alignment Updates from Dr. Thielemann  - In Progress
      • Strategic Alignment Website  - Completed
    • Provide Service and Product Catalog
      • The Product and Service Catalog websites are developed and in use. - Completed
    • Educate and Guide Campus on IT Regulations
      • The Technology Acquisition Process includes details of the laws and regulations SHSU must comply with for technology acquisitions
      • In development
        • Annual Cybersecurity Training - Completed
        • Accessibility Training - In Progress
  • Goal 4: Simplify Technology Acquisitions:
    • Align Campus Budget Requests with Strategic Plan
      • Campus budget and project requests are reviewed with division liaisons for approval or to address concerns relating to how these requests will support the SHSU strategic plan now and in the future. - Completed
    • Simplify and Implement IT Purchasing Protocols
      • Technology Acquisition Process (TAP) – The TAP was developed to ensure compliance with state regulations and simplify technology acquisitions through four phases: Research, Approval, Procurement, and Deployment. - Process Defined, Improvements In Progress
    • Integrate Grant Processes
      • We established a team, led by Fawzi Noman, to work with academic and research areas connecting their needs with resources. This team also works with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to evaluate grants and their IT implications. - Completed
  • Goal 5: Establish Campus Alignment:
    • Establish Campus Focus Groups and Relationships
      • New processes, technology, and services are now tested with focus groups and campus volunteers to improve overall useability. Recent testing includes:
        • Service Catalog - Completed
        • Product Catalog - Completed
        • Technology Acquisition Request Form - Completed
      • Review Campus IT and Committee Structure
        • Currently, all committees are eliminated, and we are working directly with campus through assigned division liaisons. - Completed