Printer Purchases

Printers can be purchased through the Bearkat Buy Punch-out process.  For ease, part numbers associated with the CDW-G supplier have been provided. However, requestor can use any vendor of choice.

  1. All printers are required to have a three-year, next business day hardware exchange warranty.
  2. No TOA or Exception form is needed for printers that comply with the HP manufacturer and specification standards contained pre-approved list. Proceed with the requisition.  If you would like a printer that is not listed here, please follow the guidelines posted on the Technology Purchases page for items not listed as an approved exception.
  3. Once your order arrives at your office, please open a Cherwell Request to schedule your printer installation. Please be sure to include the following:
    1. Type of printer (i.e. HP LaserJet M402dne)
    2. Networked on non-networked set-up
    3. Name and location for installation, if placing ticket for someone else

For the Technology purchases page


Type of PrinterVolumePrinter NameCapabilitiesPages per monthPage per minutePrinter Price RangeCDW Part NumberWarrantyCDW Warranty Part NumberWarranty Price
Monochrome - Basic B&W Low HP LaserJet M402dne Duplex, Networked, Eprint 4000 38 $250-$280 4282696 Three Year 3854334 $40-$60
High HP LaserJet Enterprise M506dn Duplex, Networked 7500 43 $670-$710 3837023 Three Year 3901427 $135-$160
Multifunction - B&W Low HP LaserJet M426fdn Fax, Duplex, Networked, Scanning 4000 40 $390-$440 3827430 Three Year 3866539 $110-$130
High HP LaserJet Enterprise M527dn Duplex, Networked, Scanning 7500 45 $1700-$1780 3884517 Three Year 4018087 $600-$650
Basic Color Low HP LaserJet M452dn Duplex, Networked 4000 27 $250-$300 3808157 Three Year 3865256 $60-$90
High HP LaserJet Enterprise M553dn Duplex, Networked 6000 40 $710-$750 3663504 Three Year 3689123 $225-$275
Multifunction - Color Low HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdn Fax, Duplex, Networked, Scanning 4000 28 $340-$370 5545901 Three Year 5567940 $225-$260
High HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M577dn Duplex, Networked, Scanning 7500 40 $2100-$2200 3884501 Three Year 3898425 $920-$980

All price ranges are estimates and subject to change

Printer Model Name Legend
d Duplex
n Networked
e Eprint
f Fax