Technology Acquisitions

Software and devices used at SHSU, whether purchased or free, must be reviewed by IT to ensure compatibility, support, and adherence to compliance. Laws and regulations technology must comply with include:

How to Acquire Technology

Below is an overview of the four-phase SHSU technology acquisitions process, including Research, Approval, Procurement, and Deployment.

  • Research

    Find a product that meets your needs and adheres to requirements. Here's a few resources to help:

    Product Catalog

    Our Product Catalog is a list of software and devices used on campus. Use the catalog to find products already available to you or approved to purchase.

    Product Catalog

    Software Research Guide

    Use this guide as a worksheet to collect required information when acquiring new software. You will submit the information gathered in our Technology Acquisition Request form. This guide is optional but highly recommended.

    Software Research Guide


    IT Business Analysts are with you from the start of an idea through implementation. If you are not sure what product will work for you, create an IT request for a consultation an IT Business Analysts for guidance.

    Create IT Request

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  • Approval

    Verify your technology is compatible with existing technologies and adhere to frequently changing laws, regulations, and policies.

    If your product is not approved in the product catalog for how you intend to use it, you must complete the Technology Acquisition Request Form prior to acquiring or renewing. We recommend completing your request at least 90 days prior to your requisition or renewal date.

    When approved, you will receive a Technology Acquisition Approval Form (TAAF).

    Request Approval How it Works
  • Procurement

    Purchase your technology according to university procurement policies and procedures if necessary. Not all acquisitions require procurement. P-Card use is not recommended for technology but may be considered in extenuating circumstances.

    Attach your TAAF to your BearKatBuy requisition when purchasing items not listed as approved in the Product Catalog.

    Create Requisition

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  • Deployment

    Receive and begin using your technology.

    IT will work with you when you are ready to download software, install hardware, or integrate services. Some products are available to you through your vendor upon purchasing. In this case, work with your vendor to begin using your product. Otherwise, email or call the IT Service Desk.


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