Phish Bowl


Welcome to the Phish Bowl! 

If you receive a suspicious email, check the list below to verify if it is a current phishing scam caught at SHSU. 

If the email is listed, it has been taken care of by our IT@Sam Security Team and all you need to do is delete the email.  

If you do not see the email on this list, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk and report it immediately to

Remember, if the email is not on this list, do not assume it is safe. Be sure not to click any links or attachments prior to deleting phishing emails. It is always better to "Stop. Think. Protect." than to assume and click. 

NOTE: We have worked to remove malicious content from these emails, but recommend that you do not explore any links or email addresses contained within these examples.

2/07/2019 Subject: State Various SHSU Subjects Phishing email about seemingly official SHSU subjects 
10/15/2018 Subject: FW:[ATTENTION REQUIRED]  Phishing email claiming to be from Dr. Hoyt, requesting SHSU login information

graphic fish jumping to laptop