Report Incident

We respond to and investigate incidents related to misuse or abuse of SHSU information resources, including computer and network security breaches, privacy breaches or concerns, and unauthorized disclosure or modification of institutional or personal information.

Information Security Incidents

Let us know about data breaches, hacking attacks, misuse of information resources, or lost or stolen devices containing sensitive or confidential information. Email specifics to or call 936-294-1950.

Phishing Emails

Send us the phishing emails that make it past our security tools. No need to send us the spam or junk email, you are welcome to just delete the ones you may not want. Forward phishing emails as an attachment to or call 936-294-1950.

HIPAA Privacy Question or Request

Have a HIPAA-related privacy question or request? Send an email to hipaaprivacy@SHSU.EDU

All other IT questions or issues

Contact the IT@Sam Service Desk at or call 936-294-1950.