Network & Internet

IT@Sam performs numerous of tasks behind the scenes to keep you connected to the internet and administrative systems. Our Networking team designs and supports wired and wireless network equipment. While our teams are proactively supporting and expanding our network, you can request help with:

Wireless. Includes expanding and troubleshooting wifi access.

Wired. Includes activating, expanding, and troubleshooting wired access.

Special Circuit. Acquisition and operation of dedicated network infrastructure components for research and other projects that require special network service. Includes dedicated ethernet switches and attachment to national research and education networks.

Available Networks


Wireless network available to current SHSU students and employees. This network requires authenication with your SHSU username and password the first time you connect with each device. After this, the network will recognize your computer and authenticate you immediately.

SamNet Guest

Wireless network available to guest such as parents and community members. This network provides temporary access at a slightly slower speed than networks for registered users. To connect to this network, you must agree to terms of use and click “Guest” underneath the username and password fields. You do not need a username or password to use this network.

SamNet Managed

Wireless network available to employees with a networked laptop provided by IT@Sam. Networked laptops allow you to connect to SHSU resources, such as the t-drive, and administrative systems, such as Banner or webCMS, from anywhere with internet access.


Wireless network available to students and employees of participating campuses. Eduroam allows you to use your home campus username and password to access Wi-Fi while visiting other participating campuses.

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