Software Request Guidelines


IT@Sam maintains many software applications on our campus network. Some software licenses may have restrictions to the number of requests. Please contact the Service Desk with any questions.

All network software requests must be submitted to IT@Sam by either calling the Service Desk at 4-1950 or by using the Workorder System on SamWeb and click on Purchase or Quote Request as the type of workorder.

You will need to submit a workorder if either of the following:

  1. New Installations:

    To request that we install the software that your department may purchase.
  2. Maintain or Keep Current Software:

    To request that we leave specific software applications on the SHSU campus network.

NOTE: Any applications for which we have not received a request form may be removed from the list of available network applications. Therefore, if you're using something currently on the network---for classroom purposes or not---please, be sure to complete a Purchase or Quote Request Workorder to ensure that we keep the software on the network.

Deadlines for Software Request:

To ensure adequate time for installation and testing of new network software, the requests must be received, licensing in place, and the software delivered to IT@Sam by the specified cutoff dates. However, the sooner, the better! A significant level of testing is needed to assure the application will not impact other programs---and that your students can access it as you intended. After it is installed you will be notified and asked to test the software. Therefore, please leave sufficient time for installation and your testing phase.

Semester Deadlines to Submit


October 1


May 1

Summer I/II

March 1

Software Requirements:

If you will be requesting the addition of an application to the campus network the following factors must be satisfied when choosing or purchasing an application.

  • Software must be compatible with Windows 10 or OS X 10.10 or newer.
  • Software must be a network application and needed on at least 20 machines if being packaged. You can still request software for less than 20 machines but it will be manually installed.
  • An adequate number of user licenses must be purchased by your department.

What you will need:

  • What is the Vendor Name, Title, and Version Number of the software?
  • For how many computers will this software be licensed?
    All license information must be supplied to IT@Sam with a copy of the software.
  • How will the software be delivered to IT@Sam? If Web Download is selected, supply the URL link to the software in the Workorder Description field.
  • For which semester will the software be requested? Please review the Deadlines for Software Request section above for submission deadlines.
  • Who will need to run this software? If Specified Users or Specified Computer Labs(s) is selected, use the Workorder Description field to specify.
  • Has this request been approved by your department chair? Please include copy of e-mail approval if so.

Network Software:

The University will strive to provide the campus with software needed for campus-wide use through our network servers whenever financially feasible. Software licensing varies by concurrent, site, or workstation licensing. Purchases will be made to ensure the campus is compliant with the licensing at the lowest cost/best use possible.