Academic Policy Manual - Students

Student Policy Manual
Policy Title Policy Number Year Revised
Academic Grievance Procedures for Students
(Student Grievance Form)
900823 (R-2018)
Admission Standards for Undergraduate Students 840502 (R-2018)
Class Attendance 800401 (R-2017)
Disabled Student Policy 811006 (R-2018)
Student's Use of Academic Facilities 030603 (R-2018)
Graduating with Honors 030325 (R-2018)
Posthumous Recognition of Students 830824 (R-2018)
Procedures in Cases of Academic Dishonesty 810213 (R-2018)
Student Absences on Religious Holy Days 861001 (R-2017)
Student Educational Records 810806 (R-2019)
Student Resignations 990407 (R-2019)