Upcoming Events

LEAP Center's Upcoming Events - Summer and Fall 2018

Fall 2019

August 23-25: Fall Retreat

August 28 (4-6pm--come and go): Ice-Cream Social (Holcombe Room)

August 28 (6-7pm) Pre-Law Society Informational(6-7pm, CHSS 090)

August 29 (3:00pm departure): Ted Cruz discusses Immigration

September 9 (3:00pm departure): International Justice Lawyer David Kaye discusses Human Rights and the Internet

September 15 (4:30pm departure): Sarah Saldana--Attorney and Pres. Obama's I.C.E. Director discusses Immigration

September 16: (4:00pm departure): Traditional Brazilian Dinner with Consul General of Brazil

September 16: (5:30-6:30pm): Photography Workshop at SHMM

September 17 (5:00pm departure): Mark Burns Photographic Exhibit on "The Grand Canyon" Opening Reception

September 25 (4:00pm departure): Eastern European Dinner with Consul General of Hungary

September 28 (9:30am-1:30pm): Mock LSAT (on SHSU's Campus)

September 26-29 (Austin): Texas Tribune Festival

October 12-19: LEAP Ambassadors visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone

October 16: Sean Spicer (President Trump's former Press Secretary)

October 16: PLS Meeting (Law School Deans Panel)

October 24: Linda Pease Retirement Party

October 25: Hillary and Chelsea Clinton discuss "Gutsy Women" (Houston, depart at 4pm)

October 26: Scare on the Square (Main Street Huntsville)

October 31: Rocky Horror Picture Show (8pm and Midnight, Old Town Theater)

November 4: Former President Barack Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice discusses her life and career

November 7: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (with Live Orchestra--Old Town Theater)

November 7: Gloria Steinem

November 12: Panel Discussion on "Pandemics and BioSecurity"

November 13: Defense Secretary Robert Gates

November 21: Entrepreneurship at SHSU

November 21: Nikki Haley

December 4: Jeff Lindsay (creator of "Dexter")