Upcoming Events

LEAP Center's Upcoming Events - Summer and Fall 2018

September 1: LEAP LEADs

September 2: FB Live with Chris Tritico (join us and ask Tritico questions about the practice of law)

September 3: LEAP LEADs and City Fellows

  • Police-Citizen Interaction Simulations
  • Panel Discussion with Judge Lina Hidalgo and Judge Clay Jenkins
  • Commissioner Bill Daugette

September 8: 2nd Tuesdays@2:00pm--Dr. Alisa White, President of SHSU on FB Live (ask our new President a question)

September 10: LEAP LEADs

  • Death and Life of Cities Panel
  • Heads of the Class--Panel Discussion with former US Secretaries of Education

September 16: Pre-Law Society

  • Law School Admissions Directors from South Texas College of Law--Houston and Texas Tech Law

September 17: LEAP LEADs

  • Public Health and the TX Legislature: Panel with Texas Legislators

September 21: Human Intelligence Operations in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Zoom Meeting)

September 22: FB Live--Dateline Democracy--with Photographer Peter Kennerly

September 24: The Age of COVID

  • Dr. Peter Hotez
  • Panel on Rural Health Care During COVID
  • Dr. Christy Blackburn

September 28: City Fellows

  • City Government in an Age of COVID

September 30: LEAP LEADs

  • Higher Education in an Age of COVID
  • Dr. Chris Maynard

October 2: FB Live with Susan Eisenhower, who discusses "How Ike Led"

October 9: FB Live with Jim Olson, former Director of Counterintelligence for the CIA

October 14: LSAT Strategies with an LSAT Instructor

October 17: Mock LSAT