Pre-Law Society

Pre-Law Society - Legal Kats

Legal Kats is the organization for you if you desire to learn about the legal field outside of the classroom; seek opportunities to enhance your chances of getting into law school; and want to network with legal professionals.  The Pre-Law Society works within the LEAP Center, providing amazing value, and is the largest pre-law society at SHSU.

Benefits include:

  • Eligibility for LEAP's summer LSAT Prep Course;  
  • Favorable consideration for the LEAP Center's "Pre-Law Scholarship;" 
  • Guest Speakers--local attorneys, state-wide and nation-wide legal figures, SHSU's Pre-Law Advisors, and more;
  • Priority attendance at LEAP Sponsored legal events such as the Mock LSAT, the Mock Law Class, the 10th Court of Appeals, the TX Supreme Court, and the Pre-Law Seminars;
  • Access to LEAP's LSAT Prep Course Library;
  • Law School Informational Sessions;
  • Practice problems and materials for the LSAT;
  • T-shirts (for new members) and Cords (for members who are in good standing their graduating semester)

Spring 2024 Meeting Dates:

  • February 7: Pre-Law Society Informational
  • February 21: Pre-Law Society Meeting
  • March 20: Pre-Law Society Meeting
  • April 17: Pre-Law Society Meeting

All meetings are 6:00-7:45, unless otherwise noted. 

Dues: Dues are $25 each semester.  First-time members pay a $30 initiation fee (in addition to dues).


Advisor: Professor Mike Yawn (

President: Olivia Dison

Vice-President, Finance: Emily Albright

Vice-President, Membership: Nicole Erazo

Vice-President Archivist/Historian: McKenna Nonnenmann

Secretary: Jessica Cuevas