LEAP Ambassadors

About the LEAP Ambassadors:

The LEAP Ambassadors are a group of highly-motivated and intellectually curious students who have been selected by the LEAP Center to serve as Ambassadors.  The Ambassadors are not a student organization, but like student organizations, they seek to expand their professional and peer network, gain experience inside and outside the classroom, engage in extensive volunteer service, and serve as excellent representatives of the LEAP Center, the University, and their community. Ambassadors are not restricted to one major or one career field.  Indeed, intellectual diversity and curiosity is sought out.

Becoming a LEAP Ambassador:

Each semester, LEAP Center staff accept applications for Ambassadors.  Applications can be accessed here.  LEAP Ambassadors are expected to have excellent academic credentials (the current Ambassadors have a collective 3.71 GPA), be civic minded, and have a record of impressive and professional participation in LEAP Center events.  To be considered as a possible Ambassador, a student must have at least a 3.1 GPA, a demonstrated record of meaningful public service, and have participated in multiple LEAP events.  For Fall 2024, applications should be submitted by email to Prof. Mike Yawn by August 1 at 5pm.  

Responsibilities of LEAP Ambassadors:

LEAP Ambassadors meet twice a month in formal meetings, have office hours each week, and participate in 20+ events per semester.  LEAP Ambassadors are often members of various organizations, but the responsibilities of a LEAP Ambassador are expected to take priority.  Ambassadors participate regularly in meaningful volunteer service in the community, assist with LEAP programs, and often engage in community internships to assist their engagement and professional development.

LEAP Ambassador Alumni:

LEAP Ambassadors have been highly successful in academics and the work place. Over the course of the program, for example, 100 percent of the Ambassadors who applied to law school were accepted.  Although we rely on only a small group of Ambassadors, our alumni have landed at impressive jobs in government offices, businesses, law firms, and in political campaigns.