LEAP Center Internships

The LEAP Center administers three major internship programs, the SH Austin Internship Program (SHAIP), the Woodforest Bank Internship Program and the Political Science Department's Internship Program.  All programs are open to all majors.

The LEAP/Political Science Internship Program

The Political Science Internship Program is open to students of all majors, and provides opportunities for internships in government agencies, campaigns, non-profits, private businesses, and law offices.  The program is offered each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer), includes both part-time and full-time options, and offers both paid and unpaid positions.  Students interested in this program can learn more here.

The "City Fellows" Program

This "City Fellows" Internship Program is open to students of all majors and provides opportunities for internships with city government.  Students selected for this internship will be paid an hourly wage, will earn academic credit, and will receive regular training throughout the semester.  Training includes a mock City Council, tours, and virtual/in-person mentorship from local leaders.  Students interested in this program learn more here.

The SH Austin Internship Program (SHAIP)

SHAIP was initiated by President Hoyt in 2012, designed to provide top University students the opportunity to supplement their academic understanding with expanded professional networks, occupational skills, and technical proficiencies--while also representing the University in the Texas Legislature.  The program is offered only when the Texas Legislature is in session (140 calendar days in the spring of odd-numbered years).  The application process opens the fall semester immediately prior to the legislative session.  Interested students can learn more here.