LEAP Center Advising

The LEAP Center offers extensive advising services, encompassing pre-law, career, and academic fields.  To make an advising appointment, go to "My Sam," then to My Success Planner (MSP), then to LEAP Center, and then to either Richard Yawn or Jean Loveall.  MSP will provide a confirmation email following the appointment. Advising begins September 10, which means that if we see you on September 10 or later, we can clear you for registration when it is available in November.  Our schedule gets increasingly tight as registration approaches.

Pre-Law Advising

LEAP Center advisors offer assistance for pre-law students, answering students questions, helping students establish a timeline for law-school preparation, and offering tactical advice on law-school applications.

Preparing for law school is not substantively different than preparing for other post-graduate fields of study, but there is a need for greater planning. Students should work with a pre-law advisor to develop a timeline for taking the mock LSAT, registering with, deciding whether to take an LSAT Prep Course, taking the LSAT, asking for letters of recommendation, and applying to law school.

Students may also need help with deciding which law school might be right for them, balancing between going to the highest "ranked" school vs. accumulating debt, and knowing how to obtain more information.

Professor Mike Yawn has fourteen-years experience of law-school advising, has extensive law-school contacts, and as the Intern Coordinator, works with students to place them in internships that may enhance their law-school applications.  Ms. Jean Loveall has a Master's Degree in Public Health, a Law Degree from SMU, and has a dozen-years experience practicing law.  Together, Yawn and Loveall work to ensure that students have the knowledge they need to get into the right law school for them.  Students are also encouraged to speak with Dr. John Domino, Professor of Political Science, who also serves as a University Pre-Law Advisor.

In addition, the LEAP Center brings in dozens of legal experts, law-school personnel, and legal practitioners every year, providing students with the opportunity to obtain multiple points of view.

Academic Advising

Professor Yawn and Ms. Loveall are able to advise students who are Political Science Majors, Political Science Minors, and Legal Studies Minors.  In addition Yawn and Loveall will provide advising for students with other majors who are interested in law school.  Pre-Law students from all majors should work closely with their advisor to devise a plan for each semester until they graduate, ensuring they are taking the appropriate number of hours when taking the LSAT Prep Course, studying for the LSAT, or just applying to law school.  Yawn and Loveall can also go over degree plans to see whether internships will fit within the student's elective options.

All substitutions in the fields of Political Science and Legal Studies should go through Yawn or Loveall.

Career Advising

All SHSU students have access to the University's excellent Career Services Center, which offers advice for a broad array of occupations. Career Services also offers superb preparatory services, such as Mock Interviews and resume assistance. 

The LEAP Center does offer services pertaining to political science, government, non-profits, and law that can complement those offered by Career Services.  Advisors assist students with preparations for internships; work with students who are exploring fields in the public sector or law; and provide specific advice relating to resumes and interviews.  In addition, the LEAP Center brings in practitioners and experts to lead workshops and advising sessions.

Students seeking any of the above services should contact Professor Yawn ( or Ms. Loveall (