LEAP Center Policies

The LEAP Center works with dozens of local, state, and national organizations to provide more than 70 opportunities for students each year.  In a typical year, more than 1,000 people participate in LEAP Center events, and another 1,000 are advised.

This level of activity helps the LEAP Center achieve its missions of exposing students to cutting-edge academic concepts, leading public figures, unique learning experiences, and the richest educational opportunities.  To ensure a strong working relationship with academic and professional organizations, the LEAP Center asks that students honor commitments and represent the University with professionalism.  Accordingly, many of the LEAP Center events require professional attire and behavior.  Moreover, because of the cost and preparation associated with many of the LEAP Center events, students who sign up for events are expected to attend (with the exception, of course, of documented emergencies). Late arrivals, early departures, or unprofessional behavior (sleeping; phone use; etc.) will not be tolerated and may result in limited eligibility for future events.

No credit for internships is given after the fact.  To be eligible for internship opportunities, students should consult with the Intern Director prior to finalizing any arrangements with the potential intern agency, and the student must meet all the timelines of the LEAP Center and registration process.

Students who sign up for events and then fail to follow through with attendance or who fail to uphold standards of  professional behavior may be precluded from future participation in LEAP Center events and could be asked to reimburse the University for associated costs.