LEAP Leads

"LEAP Leads" Program

Our new LEAP Leads Program is designed for students who want the opportunity to stay engaged, build their resumes, and get the "college experience" during a period of social distancing.  Unlike many programs, LEAP Leads provides meaningful programs for students who are motivated, career-conscious, and interested in being exposed to diverse intellectual and occupational opportunities.

Program Activities

Students selected for this one-semester program will participate in monthly programs including:

  • Select sessions of the Texas Tribune Festival
  • Participatory workshops, including resume and interview assistance.
  • Programs of historical, artistic, literary, legal, political, scientific and journalistic interest; 
  • Career advice from local and state leaders, non-profit managers, and successful SHSU alumni;

Specific programs could include behind-the-scene tours of museums and area landmarks; police and citizen led workshops on police-citizen interactions; demonstrations of voir dire and other legal processes; a budgeting exercise with student teams; a mock Commissioners Court meeting; and other such programs.

Depending on what the current pandemic permits, many of these programs may be virtual, but they will be designed such that LEAP Leads students will have the exclusive opportunity to interact with and ask questions to the panelists.  

Students who participate in the program will receive modest scholarships at the beginning and conclusion of the semester.

Program Eligibility and Applications

This program is designed for college sophomores, but other classifications will be considered.  It is open to all majors.  Students' transcripts should demonstrate academic potential and should not have any charges of academic misconduct.  Students will be selected on their (1) academic record and potential, (2) application materials, and (3) their interview performance.  Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

Applications are due on August 6, 2020 by 5:00pm.  Applications can be found here.  For your resume, please use this template.