Environmental Science Program

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Welcome to the Environmental Science Program! 

This program is now part of the Environmental and Geosciences Department

This program is designed to provide educational opportunities leading to rewarding careers in the field of environmental science.

The SHSU Environmental Science program is an interdisciplinary program consisting of coursework from the departments of Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Geography and Geology.

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The program consists of two tracks – an Environmental Pollution Abatement track and a more general Environmental Sustainability track.  The former is geared for students seeking employment in the more technical areas of environmental science, such as those pertaining to air and water pollution, and waste management.  Accordingly, it requires more chemistry than the Sustainability track.  The latter includes more social science coursework.  Both tracks contain a common set of core courses to serve as a strong foundation for the degree, and both have 11-12 hours of electives to choose from, depending upon the track.

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For more information, please see the Environmental Science Program and Career Information

For details regarding internships, please see the Environmental Science Internship Handbook