Department of
Environmental and Geosciences

Welcome to the Department of Environmental and Geosciences

The Department offers undergraduate degrees in Geology, Geography and Environmental Science.  In addition, we offer a Master's degree in Applied GIS and an online Master's degree in GIS for working professionals.


Whether you are interested in why flooding continues to get worse along the Gulf Coast, the culture of the Deep South, or why Texas is an energy hub for the world, our degrees can help answer these questions.  With annual trips to Hawaii, New Mexico, Mississippi, as well as several different excursions within Texas, you’ll have the opportunity to travel while gaining hands-on, employable skills.  


Our degrees prepare you for a wide variety of careers that can entail being out in the field, using GIS and other geospatial technologies to analyze environmental problems and public health, and/or traveling the world.  Students with our degrees work with NASA, USGS, the National Park Service, the US Census Bureau, the CIA, Apple, Google, environmental and engineering companies, Exxon, Apache Oil, Harris County Flood Control District, Texas schools, and more!  If you are interested in the environment, earth science, or how human beings interact with one another and the planet, this is the department for you.