About Us

Mission Statement

The College of Science & Engineering Technology is committed to equipping students with the academic foundation necessary for them to be critical problem solvers in a rapidly changing world and to the generation of scientific knowledge through scholarly endeavors.

Vision Statement

The College of Science & Engineering Technology aspires to be a gateway of opportunity and a catalyst for personal and professional development. Embracing high standards, ethical practices and personalized student-faculty interaction, the College dedicates itself to excellence in teaching, engagement in quality research, and active community service. The College of Science & Engineering Technology will pursue its vision by:

  • preparing students for continued intellectual growth throughout productive and personally rewarding careers;
  • fostering the development and dissemination of knowledge through scientific inquiry;
  • promoting continual professional growth and scholarly activity;
  • exemplifying high ethical standards and teaching the importance of ethics in professional practice;
  • increasing scientific literacy in the populace, and instilling a high regard for nature and humankind;
  • understanding and respecting diversity among people, cultures, and ideas; and
  • assuming the responsibilities of academic community engagement and membership in a global society.

About the Dean

College of Science and Engineering Technology Interim Dean: 

Dr. Melinda Holt 

Melinda Headshot

Dr. Holt holds a Ph.D. in Statistics (1995), an M.A. in Mathematics (1991), and a B.A. in Mathematics (1990) from Baylor University. Her research interests include Bayesian statistical methods for disease testing, clinical trials, nursing, and public health. Dr. Holt has received several National Science Foundation grants to expand student access to STEM education and research opportunities.

Prior to joining SHSU in 2006, Dr. Holt held faculty positions at Northern Kentucky University, Texas Woman’s University, and Southern Louisiana University; she has spent her faculty career in regional universities with diverse populations, recruiting students and mentoring them in STEM disciplines.

Dr. Holt has served Sam Houston State University and the College of Science & Engineering Technology in a variety of roles, these include: COSET Associate Dean of Curriculum and Assessment (2021-2022), Chair for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (2017-2021), and Associate Chair for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (2014-2017).  Additionally, she has also served the statistics profession both regionally and nationally as a member of the American Statistical Association’s Board of Directors, Vice-Chair of the American Statistical Association’s Council of Chapters Governing Board, and President and Secretary of the Council of Texas Statisticians.

Dean's Office Staff

Interim Dean   Melinda Holt  936.294.1401
Interim Associate Dean

Dustin Jones

Associate Dean Li-Jen Lester 936.294.1326
Assistant to the Dean Angie Burgess 936.294.1230
Administrative Coordinator II Shellie Armstrong 936.294.1969
Administrative Associate III Katelyn Conner 936.294.3962
Administrative Assistant III Susan Floyd 936.294.1401