Undergraduate Degrees

The School of Music offers undergraduate degrees in both Bachelor of Music (BM) and Bachelor of Arts (BA). Learn more about these degrees and requirements here.

The BA degree provides students with a general foundation in music and requires the study of a foreign language. The BM degree requires that students specify a track of study of music education/teacher certification, performance, composition, or music therapy. Learn about the BM tracks of study below:

Bachelor of Music:

Music Education

The Bachelor of Music with Teacher Certification degree is structured for students desiring to become public school music teachers. The curriculum presents students with a broad knowledge of the elements of music, instructional knowledge in teaching individual instruments, voice, and ensembles, as well as the science and art of teaching.

The degree program prepares students to become:

  • elementary music teachers,
  • orchestra directors for junior & senior high school,
  • choir directors for junior & senior high school,
  • band directors for junior & senior high school.

At the conclusion of course-work, students become eligible to take the state certification tests for music (grades EC-12).


For students wishing to pursue careers as professional performers, the School of Music offers outstanding programs in instrumental and vocal performance. Experiences in large ensembles, chamber music, opera workshop, and accompanying (for keyboard majors) are designed to provide students with a broad-base structure for performance activities. The studio faculty and ensemble conductors have extensive performance backgrounds and are knowledgeable in the diverse opportunities for students in careers as musical performers.

  • Significant emphasis is placed on applied (private) lessons
  • Each studio conducts its own studio class. The class provides opportunities for solo and chamber performances as well as discussions concerning pedagogy, repertoire and other important topics
  • Each year the School of Music hosts a number of guest professional musicians who perform concerts and/or present master classes on campus.
  • Students also have opportunities to gain experience working as professional performers and private teachers in surrounding areas.

The School of Music has a full complement of traditional music performance areas:

  • Winds and Percussion
  • Strings
  • Voice
  • Keyboards


Students wishing to pursue careers as composers or to specialize in music theory may complete a degree in music composition. The School of Music has a distinguished faculty for this academic concentration who can help students realize career opportunities beyond performance and the professional programs of music education and music therapy.

Those interested in pursuing composition may find more information here.

Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

All incoming students MUST complete a
live interview
to be considered for admission into

the music therapy program.

Degree Overview

The School of Music at SHSU offers an undergraduate degree in music therapy. This bachelor's degree prepares students to sit for the music therapy board certification exam and to practice as professional music therapists.

The music therapy degree plan includes intensive coursework in music as well as courses in the behavioral sciences. Students gain pre-internship clinical experience through providing services at our SHSU Music Therapy Clinic and by working alongside one or more of our many community partners.

Click here for more information regarding music therapy at SHSU.