Composition Studies

Composition Studies

The composition program at Sam Houston State University encourages students to grow in their understanding and craft of musical composition. Through private lessons, advanced theory study, composer-oriented discussion groups, and performances of new works, students will explore composition in small and larger forms involving a variety of instrumentations, genres, and styles.

Student composers at SHSU will be shown the tools for success in the world of composition today and be given guided opportunities to practice using them. Courses and studio projects will revolve around topics such as counterpoint, musicianship, electronic music, orchestration, arranging, improvisation, score preparation, commissioning processes, conference and competition applications, publishing, self-promotion, portfolio development, and preparation for graduate or further studies in composition.

Though a degree in composition may not be for all music majors, many music education, music performance, and music therapy majors at SHSU enroll in applied composition lessons each semester and are integral participants in our dynamic community of composers.

News Highlights

John Paddie, composer

John Paddie, Featured Composer at Manchester University Festival

Joseph Vranas, composer

Joseph Vranas, Lead Composer for Film Project

Thomas Bailey, composer

Thomas Bailey, Trumpet & Piano Work Accepted to Conference