The Center for Early Music Research and Performance


Mario Aschauer at Harpsichord

The successful 21st-century musician is fluent in the widest possible range of musical styles, thus positioning historical performance practice as one of the essential components in the formation of performers for tomorrow. The Center for Early Music Research and Performance (CEMRAP) has set as its mission the embracement of the past, present, and future through its research, performance, and teaching activities. At the interface of theory and practice, students and faculty explore applications of historical performance aesthetics in 21st-century musical cultures. With core issues of historical performance including instrumental technique, ornamentation, and style as its focus, CEMRAP promotes a unique approach to early music by using improvisation as the cornerstone of its transhistorical quest, and it provides innovative platforms to present results of its scholarly and artistic activities.

The Center maintains an Italian organ in the style of a 17th-century organo di legno, specially built in 2015. Students can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in performance with an emphasis in early music while being provided opportunities to apply early music performance practices in ensemble and solo settings. For more information about CEMRAP and the undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by the SHSU School of Music, visit

-Dr. Mario Aschauer, director

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