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From the Director

Welcome to the Sam Houston State University Center for Music Education. Our mission is to bring together practicing teachers, professional performers and scholars to promote excellence in music education.

We are committed to forming partnerships with a wide range of constituents in the music profession. We have active partnerships in:

  • Education
  • Industry
  • Professional Organizations

We provide opportunities for practicing teachers to interact with others in the profession, promoting continued learning, educational achievement, and advocacy for arts education.

We believe that music education is the foundation of all aspects of the music profession. Working together, we can

  • Build strong institutions
  • Bring teachers and performers together
  • Leverage diverse strengths
  • Create a dynamic future for the role of music in our society

Almost every professional in the field of music can name the teacher who inspired them to seek a career in music. We hope to facilitate interaction among teachers and professional performers so they can inspire each other.

-Dr. Matthew McInturf

What are you reading?

To help achieve the CME’s mission to share information about best practices in music education, we believed it would be both informative and enlightening to learn what books our colleagues might be reading. We are pleased to present this sampling of the reading lists of prominent educators, administrators and artists who have graciously consented to share their lists with us. READ MORE

CME Online Journal, Praxis

Volume 1, Number 1 of the online journal, Praxis, was released on January 26, 2015. Supporting the mission of the CME, the new journal provides a peer-reviewed forum for exploring relevant issues concerning the practice of music education. The journal will be published semiannually in January and September.

The first issue of Praxis addresses advocacy for fine arts and music education. Persuasive advocacy is a key component for building the infrastructure required to support and sustain successful music education programs, and the success of any music program is dependent on the support it receives from its educational institution and the constituents of that institution. Although music teachers may not consider advocacy to be their first love, it is crucial for them to serve as effective advocates for music education.

The Editor-in-Chief for Praxis is Brian Gibbs. Dr. Gibbs has extensive experience in both secondary and higher education. If you would care to submit your work for consideration to be included in a future edition of Praxis, you may reach Dr. Gibbs via email at

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