CHSS Strategic Plan


To be nationally recognized for excellence in teaching, creative activities, and community engagement


To prepare students for meaningful lives and careers as adept professionals and thoughtful, engaged citizens


  • Active Learning
  • Community Engagement 
  • Innovation
  • Scholarship
  • Student-faculty Research

Supporting Strategies 

  • Excellence - Fostering respect for multiple perspectives and experiences and creating a culture that engages a range of human experiences
  • Educational Innovation - Providing programs and curricula that anticipate stakeholder (e.g., student, employer, community) needs
  • Communication Expertise - Cultivating thoughtful, open-minded communication based on respectful listening, comprehensive research, and critical thinking
  • Collaborative Experiences - Developing opportunities for collaborative connections in and out of the classroom, on and off-campus
  • Engaged Research - Affording opportunities for faculty and students to participate in and contribute to research that positively influences the human condition
  • Transformative Atmosphere - Promoting active teaching and learning experiences that harness our values to achieve student and faculty successes