Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) provides an essential component to a liberal arts education: understanding human beings in their diversity as expressed in their literatures, histories, ideas, values, oral and written expressions, and behavior. By promoting analytic, interpretive, interpersonal, and communication skills, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences facilitates personal growth, competent professionalism, and responsible citizenship.

Vision Statement

To become nationally recognized for excellence in both instruction and research/scholarship - in which:

  1. all students receive excellent instruction directly from tenure-track faculty,
  2. undergraduate and graduate students are actively involved in creative/research activities,
  3. graduates are well regarded by employers and graduate and professional schools,
  4. faculty are well rounded academics who take equal pride in instructional, scholarly/research, and service activities,
  5. instruction and research/scholarship are equally valued and rewarded,
  6. the scholarship of teaching and innovation in instruction are promoted and rewarded,
  7. the quality of the research, scholarship, and creative activity of the faculty are well regarded internationally,
  8. seeking extramural funding for research/scholarship is promoted and rewarded,
  9. outstanding scholarship is valued regardless of the attraction of extramural funding,
  10. extramural funding for research is used to support students and engage them in the production of knowledge and understanding,
  11. an active cross-disciplinary intellectual environment is present that promotes creative interactions of faculty and students,
  12. students and faculty are actively engaged in the community,
  13. service to the college and the profession are encouraged, valued, and rewarded.


“A teaching institution disseminates knowledge; a research institution discovers knowledge -- a balanced institution does both.”