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Teaching ... Research ... ServiceFor the faculty members currently teaching in The College of Business Administration, their days are filled not only with service in the classroom and on campus, but within their communities and to their fields through scholarly research.

We’re happy to share with you the various faculty earning accolades and awards from their peers at Sam Houston and in their respective fields.

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Faculty Accomplishments

SHSU Faculty Excellence Awards

  • Teaching

    Dr. Ronny Daigle (2018) 

    Dr. John Newbold (2012)

    Dr. Bala Maniam (2008) 

    Dr. Valerie P. Muehsam (2003)

    Dr. Victor E. Sower (1996)

    Dr. Charles J. Capps (1994)

    Carol Lee Sangster (1984) 

    Dr. Rita B. Huff (1973)

  • Research

    Dr. Hiranya Nath (2011)

    Dr. Sanjay S. Mehta (2004)

    Dr. Bala Maniam (2003)

    Dr. Victor E. Sower (2001)

    Dr. William E. Kilbourne (1996)

  • Service

    Dr. Pam Zelbst (2019)

    Dr. Bala Maniam (2018)

    Dr. William Green (2012)

    Dr. James B. Bexley (2010)

    Dr. Victor E. Sower (2008)

    Dr. Nelson Thornton (1995)

    Dr. Sara A. Hart (1994)

    Dr. Paul R. Reed (1993)

  • Engagement

    Dr. Sanjay Mehta (2016)

Awards and Activities of COBA Faculty

R. Steve Johnson, Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of General Business and Finance, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Academy of Economics and Finance. Steve will serve in various capacities in the position, including the Site Selection Committee and the Research Fellow Award Committee. Steve is in his third year at Sam Houston State University.

Dr. Robert Stretcher of the Department of General Business and Finance has received the Academy of Economics and Finance Service Fellow recognition for outstanding service to the academy. The award was presented on February 11th at the 38th Annual Meeting of the AEF, held in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Stretcher has held various officer positions in the past twelve years, including the presidency from 2010-2011.

Dr. Doug Berg, Associate Professor of Economics, was elected second Vice President of the Academy of Economics and Finance in February 2011. Dr. Berg has served as the Academy's webmaster for five years, and has served as local arrangements chair for the 2010 meeting in Houston. As Second VP, Dr. Berg will coordinate a PhD student paper competition and will be responsible for heading up a committee for promotion of the 2012 conference to be held in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dr. Natalie Hegwood, Clinical Assistant Professor and Dr. Mark Tuttle, Associate Professor, both of the Department of Economics and International Business, were awarded the "Best Paper Award" for the 2010 Academy of Economics and Finance Conference for their paper entitled "Testing the Greenspan Hypothesis." The award was announced at the 2011 conference held in Jacksonville, Florida, in February 2011.

Dr. Steve Johnson, Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of General Business and Finance has recently been appointed as editor of the Journal of Instructional Techniques in Finance. This follows significant contributions to the Journal in several issues. Dr. Johnson routinely conducts workshops and presents papers related to the craft of teaching finance at academic conferences. Dr. Johnson earned a PhD in finance from the University of Utah in 2002.

Dr. Robert Stretcher of the Department of General Business and Finance has recently been elected as President of the Academy of Economics and Finance (AEF). The AEF is a nationally recognized research academy with an international influence, attracting participants worldwide. Dr. Stretcher has held many of the Academy's other offices, including program Chair, Vice President, Second Vice President, and Executive Board Member. His first attendance in the Academy was in 1979, and he has participated and served consistently since 1985.

Dr. Geraldine Hynes of the Department of General Business and Finance is the recipient of the 2010 Federation of Business Disciplines Outstanding Educator Award. This recognition is given annually to top educators in nine academic disciplines. Dr. Hynes was nominated by the Association for Business Communication-Southwestern U.S. The southwestern region includes Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico,Oklahoma and Arkansas. The award was presented on March 3, 2010.

Dr. Pamela Zelbst and Dr. Quiannong Gu, assistant professors of management, earned their certification for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology after attending the RFID Academy held at the RFID Solutions Center in Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Joseph Kananaugh, associate professor of management, was named "Educator of the Year" at the Federation of Business Disciplines meeting in February. This award was given by the Southwest Case Research Association.

Dr. Pamela Zelbst, assistant professor of management and Dr. Vic Sower, retired professor of management, along with Dr. Greg Frazier of UT-Arlington, recently won the award for best paper in the Technology, Innovation and Operations Management Track at the Southwest Academy of Management Conference. Their paper is entitled "An Improved Cluster Concentration Typology for Examining the Fit Between Organization Needs and Cluster Concentration Characteristics in Location Decision Making."