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Teaching ... Research ... ServiceFor the faculty members currently teaching in The College of Business Administration, their days are filled not only with service in the classroom and on campus, but within their communities and to their fields through scholarly research.

We're happy to share with you the various faculty earning accolades and awards from their peers at Sam Houston and in their respective fields.

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Faculty Accomplishments

SHSU Faculty Excellence Awards


    Dr. Ronny Daigle (2018)

    Dr. John Newbold (2012)

    Dr. Bala Maniam (2008)

    Dr. Valerie P. Muehsam (2003)

    Dr. Victor E. Sower (1996)

    Dr. Charles J. Capps (1994)

    Ms. Carol Lee Sangster (1984)

    Dr. Rita B. Huff (1973)


    Dr. Hiranya Nath (2011)

    Dr. Sanjay S. Mehta (2004)

    Dr. Bala Maniam (2003)

    Dr. Victor E. Sower (2001)

    Dr. William E. Kilbourne (1996)


    Dr. Pam Zelbst (2019)

    Dr. Bala Maniam (2018)

    Dr. William Green (2012)

    Dr. James B. Bexley (2010)

    Dr. Victor E. Sower (2008)

    Dr. Nelson Thornton (1995)

    Dr. Sara A. Hart (1994)

    Dr. Paul R. Reed (1993)

David Payne Academic Community Engagement

    Dr. Sanjay Mehta (2016)