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Center for Innovation and Technology

Zoe Clancy was born with a great many gifts - a giving heart, a joy filled spirit and a precocious smile that rarely quits. What she didn't have five years ago when she joined this world was a right hand. Zelbst and her crew at Sam Houston launched a highly disciplined, cutting edge, crusade to craft a functioning hand for Zoe.


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What We're Doing in Robotics

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R-Bot and his role in the Center for Innovation and Technology.

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Center for Innovation and Technology

A small project in 3-D printing of bones to build a skeleton. This project is being run to see if it is more cost effective to build skeletons for use in the Criminal Justice Depart at SHSU instead of buying the skeletons.

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Center for Innovation and Technology

A collaborative project with the University of York in England. A Neanderthal footprint was found on Ice Age Island off the coast of England. The University of York used 3-D scanning to build 3-D pictures of the footprint and sent the information over to CIT where a 3-D model was built using the 3-D printers. A model was also developed of the island itself. An article about the topic was recently featured in Scientific American.

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Doing What's Right is the Right Thing to Do

The Center of Innovation and Technology at Sam Houston State University helps customers and partners access world-class business technology, resources and processes through research, consulting, training and teaching. By investigating, evaluating, and developing technologies, systems, and processes we can assist in developing robust solutions to current business problems.

Our Vision

The Center will play an important role in research productivity by providing a platform for researchers and academicians to explore new ideas, develop and evaluate prototypes and advance them to commercialization. Additionally, the Center will serve as a forum for SHSU faculty and staff to engage the private sector. Such engagement will provide opportunities for revenue streams and enhanced recognition. The Center will strive to create and nurture talents of students, academicians and business professionals. In doing so, the Center will contribute to the economy of Huntsville, the surrounding region, and the state of Texas

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