Our Vision, Mission & Core Values


Vision Statement

Sam Houston State University's College of Business Administration aspires to be among the best regional colleges of business administration in the nation.

Mission Statement

The College of Business Administration (COBA) develops business professionals by providing an inclusive student-focused learning environment that values diversity, equity, and the active engagement of students, faculty, the business community, and other stakeholders in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and the development of relevant skills. 

Core Values

The faculty and staff of the College of Business Administration embrace the following core values in pursuit of our mission.

 Quality – COBA faculty and staff will provide a quality educational environment, maintaining a relevant curriculum and teaching pedagogy that nurtures intellectual development.

 Responsibility – COBA faculty and staff will be responsible and dependable, take personal initiative and accept accountability.

 Respect – COBA faculty and staff will engage in a spirit of cooperation and collegiality that promotes trust, collaboration and respect of others.

 Individuality – COBA faculty and staff, recognizing the value of diversity, will respect individual goals and objectives, and celebrate faculty, staff, and student success.

 Honesty – COBA faculty and staff will be ethical in their behavior, will act with integrity and will be honest, open and fair with all stakeholders.