Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Beyond Business Magazine

Vision Statement

The College of Business Administration will be among the top-ranked colleges of business for upward social mobility, a preferred destination school for first-generation students, and be recognized for having the highest level of student and community impact in the region.

Mission Statement

The College of Business Administration inspires change through active engagement and student-focused learning to develop empowered and impactful business professionals.

Our educational intent is to be deliberate and innovative in recruiting and retaining students, adding meaningful value to our students’ lives and fostering upward social mobility via gainful employment with lucrative career prospects that have a positive generational impact by:
• Actively supporting the career readiness of students to empower them to have successful professional careers.
• Recruiting and retaining faculty that are committed to student engagement and success.
• Offering a relevant, rigorous, and innovative curriculum with high-impact and community-engagement learning opportunities in an inclusive and nurturing environment.

Our research intent is to support and elevate intellectual growth, engagement, and innovations in faculty research by:
• Supporting highly productive faculty members in their professional and scholarly growth.
• Producing thought leadership that has a positive societal impact by addressing the most critical problems facing businesses and the communities they serve.

Our service intent is to promote community engagement by:
• Allocating resources to support the professional growth of faculty and staff members focused on community outreach and student success.
• Utilizing our collective strengths to create a new generation of business professionals who are empowered, adaptable, innovative, and committed to positively impacting the businesses and the communities they serve.

Core Values

Sense of Community and Belonging - Fostering a caring, inclusive, and supportive community.

Professional Excellence - Creating a culture of quality and leadership.

Accountability - Accepting responsibility for our actions.

Mutual Respect - Demonstrating respect and valuing individual perspectives, achievements, abilities, and qualities.

Honor and Integrity - Encouraging individuals to build strong relationships through honesty, trust, and dependability.