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SHSU is a member of the SAP University Alliance and offers a number of SAP content courses in the COBA curriculum. As the result, SAP America, Inc. and the SHSU College of Business Administration jointly award a Student Recognition Award to students who complete a program of study supported by the mySAP Business Suite as offered by SHSU. In order to receive this award, a student must complete (with a grade of C or better) at least three courses offered by COBA that have a minimum required SAP content.

The courses that generally meet the required SAP content are:


ACCT 3324 Accounting Information Systems

MGMT 3330 Human Resources Management

MGMT 4330 Compensation

MGMT 4378 Supply Chain ERP

MGIS 3310 Management Information Systems (certain sections - check with the instructor)

MGIS 4360 Design and Implementation - ERP Systems

MGIS 4365 Business Process Integration Using ERP System Configuration

MGIS 4085 Special Topics


MGMT 5355 Seminar in Human Resource Management

MGMT 5360 Staffing Organizations

ACCT/MGMT/MGIS 5375 ERP Business Process Integration

Students who plan to take any of these courses specifically to obtain the award should check with the instructor to ensure the required SAP content will be covered that semester.

Upon completion of the requirements for this award, students will have a basic understanding of the SAP system and will be experienced in master data creation and transaction processing using SAP. Students who receive this award may list SAP as a basic skill on their resumes and thus increase their desirability to firms and companies that utilize SAP or other ERP systems.

If a student's course of study includes ACCT/MGMT/MGIS 5375 as one of the three courses taken to obtain this award, the student is eligible to attend an SAP ERP Academy to pursue certification from SAP as an SAP Certified Associate.

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