Heritage: Spring 2021

A close-up view of a person wearing a mask. They have a tear coming down their cheek.

The Future Frontlines

SHSU students are selflessly answering the call to help heal our nation’s healthcare crisis.

Adriana Fisher confidently dons scrubs and a stethoscrope.

Adriana Fisher

Houston, TX

Major/Minor: Nursing/Health

Recipient of the Freshman Leadership Program Scholarship and Roy G. Moss Jr. Health Education Scholarship.

“My goals as a nurse are to be competent, fair, understanding and reliable. I want everyone, of every different background, race and ethnicity, to feel included in receiving equal and fair healthcare.”

“By devoting yourself to a greater cause, a selfless duty, it will blossom and open into opportunities to become a better leader, a better teammate and overall a better person.”

Fatima Hernandez looks professional as she stands outdoors on the SHSU campus.

Fatima Hernandez

Caracas, Mexico

Major/Minor: Healthcare Administration/Spanish

Recipient of the Behrens Family Scholarship in Honor of Dr. William V. Hyman

“My favorite part of Healthcare Administration is being a voice for not only patients, but also for employees. It’s an opportunity to improve working conditions, but also be an advocate for patients.”

“I would like to be able to work in a clinic or pediatric office. I want to stay within my local community and make a difference there. I love working with kids and I’m passionate in helping minorities.”

Jared Cruz stands in the newly renovated LSC with a stethoscope around his neck.

Jared Cruz

Corpus Christi, TX

Major/Minor: Nursing/Health

Recipient of the Dr. Ruth M. Cady and Dr. Dorothy A. Huskey Health Science Endowment Fund

“I believe SHSU’s mission to address healthcare disparities is pointed in the right direction. It’s where we need to be. As a future nurse, I think access to healthcare is not a question of income but a fundamental human right.”

“If we live our life in possibilities instead of probabilities, we have a greater chance of finding happiness.”

“I’m proud to be representing the minority group of Hispanic males in SHSU’s School of Nursing. I hope to inspire other minorities and encourage them to continue following their dreams.”

Kyle Cockerham poses for the camera.

Kyle Cockerham

Montgomery, TX

Major/Minor: Nursing

Recipient of the St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital Nursing Scholarship

“My goal is to be a pediatric ICU nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital and give back to that area of nursing by serving on research committees. It is so important to have highly skilled nurses because they’re the ones that care for patients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can always build a ventilator, but you can’t build a nurse.”

“What really brings joy? Lending a hand and helping other people through difficult times. Personally, nursing is just a platform for me to be able to do that, especially during disasters. I also want to do medical missions overseas, and nursing opens the door for me.”