GCJD Talks About Race Relations

Racial tensions are rising across the nation, and the Global Center for Journalism & Democracy believes it is important to tackle complicated issues head on.

The center invited graffiti artist Wiley Robertson to kick off a weeklong series of events. Robertson created a painting to promote racial tolerance on campus which was then displayed in an exhibit put together by students in the GCJD workshop.

The exhibit was made up of pictures displaying the rich diversity on SHSU's campus. It also featured quotes from prominent Americans about race and a video promoting racial understanding. 

GCJD also brought the film, Dear White People to Huntsville, and featured a panel discussion about race after the movie. At the same time, GCJD launched a social media campaign using the tagline #onesamfam to raise awareness and handed out t shirts aimed at encouraging racial harmony. "The work that GCJD is doing matters. If we don't talk about these issues, we will never be able to come up with solutions," said Kristyn Couvillion, an SHSU criminal justice major who attended the events.

As a culmination of the project, GCJD Workshop Class student, Amshatar Stephenson, compiled a multi-media project, using articles and photos compiled by the entire GCJD Workshop class.


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