Grammar Module

Pearson Grammar Competency Lab Contract 2014-15

Declaring a Major or Minor in MCOM – 2015

Beginning Fall 2015, students who wish to declare a major or minor in the Department of Mass Communication at Sam Houston State University will be required to complete the Pearson Grammar Competency Lab and pass the Assessment with a score of 80 percent or better before they will be accepted into the program. Beginning Fall 2015, students who have not completed this requirement will be automatically blocked from registering in upper-level MCOM courses. (The Lab is offered free of charge to all SHSU students.)

Students who enroll in MCOM 1332 at SHSU will be automatically registered in the Lab and will have one semester to complete the Lab and pass the Assessment. Students who pass the Assessment will be issued a final score; students who do not pass the Assessment will be automatically registered in the Lab in subsequent semesters until the requirement is fulfilled.

Students who transfer into the MCOM program with MCOM 1332 equivalency will NOT be granted exemption from the Lab and should be enrolled immediately in the Lab upon their acceptance to SHSU. Transfer students will be allowed to register for their first semester in the MCOM program, but after that time will not be allowed to register for any other upper-level classes in the program until they have completed the Lab requirement. Transfer students should consult with their advisers to ensure they are properly enrolled in the Lab before the first day of classes.

Note: Transfer students who have completed the Pearson Grammar Lab at another college or university should have an electronic record (account) with Pearson that can be used to exempt them from repeating the Lab at SHSU.

All students will have one full semester to complete the Lab and pass the Assessment. All students, including transfer students, will need to complete the Lab and pass the Assessment by the fifth week of classes in order to early register in 300- or 400-level courses for the following semester. MCOM students who wish to improve their grades on the Assessment or boost their grammar skills may gain access to the Lab at any time by asking an instructor or professor in the MCOM department to add the Lab to their schedules.

Students Who Entered MCOM Before Fall 2013

Students majoring or minoring in MCOM who entered the MCOM program prior to Fall 2013 are exempted from the Lab and all requirements associated with it. However, students who enroll in writing intensive classes at the 300- or 400-level may be required to participate in the Pearson Grammar Competency Assessment at their instructors’ discretion.

Students who participated in the Lab as part of fulfilling requirements for MCOM 1332 from Fall 2013 through Summer 2015 are required to earn a passing grade on the Assessment (80 percent or better). Students who transferred into the program between Fall 2014 and Fall 2015 also will be required to do the same.

Automatic registration blocks to upper-level MCOM courses will not go into effect until Fall 2015; however, all students who were required to complete the Assessment prior to Fall Semester 2015 will remain enrolled in the Lab until they have passed the Assessment and may be subsequently blocked from registering for upper-level courses in the department after that time or denied graduation from the program.

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