Grammar Module

MCOM Grammar Lab Information


Students who wish to declare a major or minor in the Department of Mass Communication at Sam Houston State University will be required to complete the MCOM Online Grammar Competency Lab and pass the Final Grammar Quiz with a score of 80 percent or better before they will be accepted into the program.

Students who have not completed this requirement will be automatically blocked from registering in upper-level MCOM courses.

There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Students who declare a major or minor in MCOM or AG/COMM will be automatically enrolled in the Lab and will continue to be automatically registered in the Lab in subsequent semesters until the requirement is fulfilled.

Transfer Students

All transfer students are required to fulfill this requirement. Transfer students may be allowed to register for 3000- and 4000-level classes during their first semester in the MCOM program, but after that time will not be allowed to register for any other upper-level classes in the program until they have completed the Lab requirement. Transfer students should consult with their advisers to ensure they are properly enrolled in the Lab before their first day of classes.

NOTE: Transfer students who have completed a Grammar Lab at another college or university will be required to complete the Grammar Lab at SHSU.

Lab Fees

The Online Lab is offered free of charge to all SHSU students, and Lab enrollment includes a free, one-time, 14-day trial, which allows students to finish the requirement without purchasing access. Once the 14-day trial ends, students will be required to purchase a Lab Access Card at an online cost of approximately $15. Purchased Access Cards allow students access to the Grammar Lab for four years.

Testing Scores

Passing scores will be recorded with the registrar and will become part of students’ permanent records at SHSU. Scores in the Lab and testing scores will have no impact on students’ GPA or academic standing.

Processing of test scores typically takes three to seven days. There is no way to speed this process, and volume may cause delays. Students should be prepared to work proactively and test early in order to ensure timely registration for classes.

MCOM students who wish to improve their grades on the Final Quiz or boost their grammar skills may gain access to the Grammar Lab at any time by asking any instructor or professor in the MCOM department to add the Lab to their schedules.