Sam Houston State Mass Communication Majors have access to a wide array of camera equipment that is constantly being updated. Film & Video students begin learning the art of Mass Communication cinematography with the Panasonic AG-130 during their first term at SHSU and gain access to numerous other cameras, such as the Black Magic 4k and a Red Epic-W 8k, as they progress through their journey at Sam Houston State. All cameras come stocked with equipment needed to shoot, such as batteries and microphones, so can students simply sign out the gear and shoot their projects.

Sam Houston State University also houses industry standard equipment, such as the Steadicam, a Dolly and a 16 foot jib, so that students can tell their cinematic stories without inhibition.

Post Production

Mass Communication Majors have access to bleeding edge post-production equipment so they can quickly and efficiently get their story exported and shown to the world. Students learn how to tell stories using Adobe Premiere Pro during their Freshman year at Sam Houston State University.

SHSU has Mac based labs and editing suites with fully loaded workstations. Each machine contains the entire Adobe Creative Suite and other utilities for use in post production.

SHSU also offers students the capability to mix professional audio. Students learn the art of sound design by taking an Audio Production class. In addition to the labs, there are various editing suites containing Pro Tools within the facility.

Production Audio

A good production starts with good sound, so the SHSU Mass Communication department is home to a large collection of audio equipment for student use. During their freshman year, students take an audio production course to learn the applications of various microphone types and recording techniques. Students also have access to two broadcast FCC licensed radio stations to hone their craft.

The SHSU Mass Communication department stocks numerous audio accessories, such as boompoles, cables, and mixers, so that students can become familiar with industry-standard gear that they will use for the rest of their careers.

Mobile TV Studio

Sam Houston State Mass Communication Department allows its students access to a fully complete high definition mobile TV studio so they can pursue the art of live directing, building on the knowledge from their Freshman TV Production class. Students also have the ability to produce sports programming for ESPN3 throughout their college career.

Armed with the latest technology from Blackmagic Design, students can record directly to an SSD and optionally stream directly to the web.

Grip & Electric

Sam Houston State University Mass Communication majors have access to a wide array of grip and electric tools that grant them the ability to use light and shadow to express their vision. Students begin flying lights during their first term at SHSU and hone in their craft with an intermediate camera class during the sophomore year.