GCJD Receives Grant From Headliners Foundation

Headliners Foundation Award

The Global Center for Journalism and Democracy, housed at Sam Houston State University, is the first recipient of the Headliner's Foundation Special Project Fund. GCJD firmly believes in journalism as a development and education tool, and is headed to Poland to work with professional and student journalists in the Kielce region. During a 3-day workshop in July, GCJD will work with journalists to educate them about their role in society, specifically as it relates to small communities and local journalism. Communities across Poland have received European Union funding in unprecedented amounts, prompting the need for journalists to know how to track the funds and hold those in power accountable. GCJD will work with selected journalists to help them track the money flow, and arm citizens with accurate and helpful information as their communities are impacted. Further, GCJD trainers and journalists will share best practices and tools with their Polish counterparts to develop their ability to critically view information from a different perspective.


Founded in 1983, the Headliners Foundation of Texas is a 501(c)(3) that promotes excellence in journalism by providing scholarships to promising communications students; recognizing outstanding works of journalism and leaders in the industry; and sponsoring special projects that promote journalistic excellence and preserve history.


The Foundation’s Special Projects Fund, which was made possible by the bequest of Headliners Club member Wilmot Horton, awards grants for journalism-related projects that support the Foundation’s mission, with an emphasis on training and education. The Foundation is pleased to make its first grant from this fund to Sam Houston State University-Global Center for Journalism and Democracy.