GCJD Joins International Network of Media Developers

GFMD Picture

The Global Center for Journalism and Democracy  (GCJD) has been accepted into an international network dedicated to supporting and creating a free and independent media.  Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) has more than 100 members from around the world involved in assisting the media.


"GFMD's stated goal of making media development an integral part of overall development strategies, just like education or health is right in line with our mission" said GCJD Executive Director Kelli Arena. "Journalism is a strong development tool. Helping journalists do their jobs well helps society"  she added.


GFMD members work to elevate professional standards, make media development an international priority, build visibility of local media development players and to enhance coordination so that organizations don't duplicate work.


As the academic calendar slows down, Sam Houston's Global Center is busier than ever. With projects planned in Tunisia, Poland, Lebanon and across Texas this summer the center continues to invest in journalists around the world. Students and faculty will be traveling with the center on every trip.


"Our center at SHSU continues to grow. It makes sense to tap into the resources that GFMD has to offer" said Jesse Starkey, GCJD's program manager. "In fact, membership in GFMD could help the Global Center identify partners for future projects, ideas for funding, and sources of information for training programs".


GCJD has been partnering with local entities since day one, in an effort to increase the effectiveness of its budget and ensure the sustainability of projects. 


The Global Center for Journalism and Democracy was launched in August, 2012 as part of a SHSU initiative to increase the University's global impact. It is housed in the Mass Communication Department in the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication.

Global Center for Journalism and Democracy
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