GCJD Fall 2014 Intern

GCJD Fall 2014 Intern- Ingrid Bolanos

The Global Center for Journalism and Democracy is pleased to announce the selection of their Fall 2014 Intern: Ingrid Bolanos.

Each semester, GCJD chooses an intern from the Mass Communications Department to assist in the daily operations and special projects at the Center.

"We are looking to expand our programming into Latin America, so having a bilingual intern is a huge bonus," said Kelli Arena, GCJD's Executive Director, on her selection of Bolanos. "Additionally, Ingrid has shown a great interest in the work the Center has done, and has been very proactive in her interactions with us. We are excited to have her on board."

Ingrid will start her hours at the Center in August, and says this about her upcoming experience:

"As a student still learning about the media industry, the GCJD mission is what drew me to want to intern for them. The transition from a student to a professional worker can be difficult with no prior in-the- field experience. GCJD gives me the great opportunity to have get hands-on learning experience where I can develop my skills more as a journalist."

As part of the internship, GCJD interns work on the projects the Center is doing, and finish the semester with several projects they can include in their professional portfolios.

Bolanos says her "career goal is to one day be a professional journalist who makes a difference. I don’t only want to report on local news, but also international news. I want to lend my voice to issues around the world that need attention."

She will certainly get that opportunity at the Global Center.

Welcome aboard, Ingrid!