GCJD Class Spotlight- Fall 2014

GCJD students holding their anti-slavery signs on campus

The Global Center Workshop Class, taught each semester by Kelli Arena, gives students the opportunity to participate in the daily activities of the Center, and to propose ideas and projects to work on as a class. Structured as a project-based learning course, the students collaborate with GCJD staff to bring their ideas to fruition. This semester, the students came to the table with two great ideas in mind; modern-day slavery and race relations. In the span of only 16 weeks, they created an awareness campaign for modern-day slavery, designed and installed two visual exhibitions, filmed, edited, and completed numerous videos, managed social media campaigns, and wrote articles. “I was truly honored to work with such a professional, hard-working team, and they have set the expectation level extremely high for the students that follow in their footsteps,” said Program Manager Jesse Starkey of their work over the semester.