GCJD Initiates Inaugural Workshop Class

GCJD Workshop students at reception

This past fall the Center launched the Global Center Workshop course, designed to give senior mass communications student’s hands-on experience before they transition into the professional world. Under the direction of the Executive Director, ten students worked on various projects during the semester, exposing them to the day-to-day operations of the Center and allowing them to work on special projects.


Among their duties were developing marketing plans for on-campus events, writing articles for the GCJD website, researching topics and stories for the Resources and Tools section of our website, and gathering information for the LEMIT programs. Most importantly, each student left the course with finished products they can show to potential employers as they leave academia and enter the job market.


Kelly Humphrey, one of the ten students in the inaugural course, summed it by saying, "This class was different because if felt like I was actually working for the Global Center, not just a student. I had real deadlines and responsibilities that forced me to push myself more than any other class I have had before." She added that, "being a part of the Global Center made me mature as a young adult and learn about what is going on in the world and gave me the motivation that I needed to push myself so I will be ready to jump in it once I graduate."


This course, which is expected to be offered each semester, allows the Center to have a direct impact on SHSU students and assist them in developing their professional skills, aligning with our mission to educate our next generation of thought leaders and continually impact the students of Sam Houston State University.

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