Egyptian Journalists travel to SHSU


Egyptian Journalists face a slew of obstacles as they try to do their jobs. Many routinely face threats, and pressure from officials. Yet, independent journalists continue to bravely report on the many challenges their country is facing.

In an effort to help those journalists do their jobs efficiently and safely, GCJD put together a team of experts for a weeklong intensive training.

From ethics to security training to discussing how to responsibly Incorporate social media in news stories, GCJD explored about a dozen topics in depth.

A roster of journalists, academics, leadership and security experts worked with the Union of Media Women, an Egyptian NBO dedicated to training female journalists.

This roster included professionals from all over the country including Tim Crockett (VP Helix International & HX Global), Mary Benton (KPRC-TV) and Bobby Blanchard (Texas Tribune). Further, professors and senior staff from the SHSU community including Dr. Bruce O’Neal, David Yebra, Dr. Chris White and Dr. Jason Enia, Dr. Carroll Nardone, Dr. Marcus Funk and Robin Johnson also taught sessions.

The participants will take what they learned during the training and train other members of the Union back in Cairo.

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