About GCJD

The Global Center for Journalism and Democracy:

Providing communities with specialized training to foster information accuracy and promote civic discourse and progress.

The Challenge

The most dangerous threat to society is misinformation. Emerging democracies face great challenges getting accurate information out to the public, putting citizens at risk and hindering conflict resolution and progress. Even in the West, media overload is making it harder for correct information to be communicated and heard, impeding public discourse on the issues that matter the most.

The Solution

The Global Center for Journalism and Democracy is focused on improving the accuracy of information in communities in the U.S. and around the globe. We have developed unique, all-encompassing and highly effective programs that bring together multiple stakeholders, such as journalists, NGOs, community leaders and law enforcement.  We provide training to parties across the information flow spectrum – from the organizations working to have their voices heard, to the local authorities they may be protesting against, to the journalists covering the stories.

What Makes Us Unique

We combine the educational expertise of a higher education institution with the work of a nonprofit: providing real-world media, communications and civic engagement skills and training to communities in the U.S. and abroad. At the same time, we provide compelling global experiences and professional interactions for our students and faculty. We distinguish ourselves by always working with a local partner to develop a deep understanding of a community’s needs, and to ensure sustainability. We develop fresh curriculum tailored to each event, and provide trainers who are current, active leaders in their fields, attended to the latest practices and trends.

Why it Matters

We believe the key to improving civil society is to improve communication and transparency. Our work and training opens new lines of communication and strengthens relationships in communities, fostering information accuracy and greater awareness. We go beyond training journalists or promoting civic engagement. We do both, together, for maximum impact. To ensure accurate information gets to the public, both the story makers and the storytellers have to know how to engage one another effectively and have to understand today’s media and communications best practices.

Global Center for Journalism and Democracy Staff

Kelli Arena Headshot
Kelli Arena

Executive Director
(2009 - 2017)

Global Center for Journalism and Democracy
Dan Rather Communications Building, Room 201, Huntsville, TX 77340